Volkswagen Enthusiasts of Colorado

History of the Club

The history of the Volkswagen Enthusiasts of Colorado club is an interesting story. Two VW owners, Doug McMasters and Tom Johnston were officers of a local car club. The two of them were interested in finding out about a club, that focused on Volkswagens, to participate in. There was a local VW club with just a few members listed on the roster at that time. When Johnston and McMasters attended their first meeting they quickly realized how unorganized and uninterested the members were. Only one officer, the treasurer, showed up and was an hour late. McMasters and Johnston, interested and determined to have a Volkswagen club, decided that they would take the old one over and rejuvenate it's interest.

It was important for the club to have a new name. A reputation for a club comes greatly through word of mouth, and is how most people find out about and judge clubs. The new name was a crucial part in establishing a new reputation for the club. And in May 1987 the "Volkswagens Enthusiasts of Colorado" club was born. The club slogan was determined through means of a contest. The winner was a gentleman who came up with a Colorado license plate design that read VWEN2ZS.

The beginning membership was between ten to fifteen people and by October of that first year it had grown to twenty-seven members. This growth indicated that there was an interest for a club and people were responding. Now, towards the end of 1994 there are only one or two of the original members left but the numbers have grown substantially. And as Tom Johnston says "it was just a whim that got it started."

Birth of the V.W.E.C. by Mariah McDonnell 1994